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LPA53-461 Interactive Pull-Down Mantel TV Mount INR   0 INR  0

LPA53-461 Interactive Pull-Down Mantel TV Mount

Down and out” isn’t normally something you want to be in life…unless you happen to be the LUMI LPA53-461 Pull-Down Mantel TV Mount. Intended to be mounted above the fireplace mantel, the LPA53-461 has the features you need to take advantage of the space above your fireplace, the perfect location for your TV. When not in a viewing position the heavy-duty steel constructed mount provides a solid hold for even the largest TV’s. Grab the soft foam handle and pull your mounted TV “down and out” to view your favorite shows from nearly every possible viewing angle. The quality gas spring design offers smooth and effortless movement while the built-in cable management contributes to an elegant mess-free appearance. Please note: Operating your fireplace while viewing your TV in a down position is not recommended as heat from the fireplace may damage your valuable electronic equipment.



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